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About Us

About us...

Visneski Funeral Home, Inc. is locally owned and operated by Gary W. Visneski, Licensed Pennsylvania Funeral Director and his wife, Conaley and daughter Paige Visneski.  

A "Family Serving Families", Gary and Conaley purchased the Miller Funeral Home in 1983 and have been honored to serve families in the Danville community and surrounding areas for the past 40 years. It is Danville's oldest established funeral home with the historical building being built in 1867. They have maintained the historical building with several restoration projects over the past 38 years. The funeral home provides a home atmosphere and extends warm hospitality to all who enter and service at every door.

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Gary, Paige & Conaley Visneski

Please contact us at
(570) 275-1271
or e-mail us @

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